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The positive crankcase ventilation or PCV system is responsible for providing ventilation to your engine. As a piston moves up and down inside the engine, pressure is created and must be relieved. When your engine’s PCV system is not functioning properly you can experience poor gas mileage, reduced power, and a check engine light (CEL).

The main component of the PCV system, the PCV valve is a part which commonly experiences failures on the 2.0T FSI engine. Located on the cylinder head, the PCV valve allows pressure to escape from the engine. When the PCV valve fails, a substantial boost pressure leak is created. By replacing the factory PCV valve with the Spulen PCV adapter you will no longer be prone to PCV valve failures.

The Spulen PCV Adapter reroutes your engine’s crankcase pressure through the factory oil separator located in the engine’s valve cover. The pressure is then released back into the vehicles intake system. The Spulen boost tap is also included to block off the PCV valve connection on the intake manifold.

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