Spulen Billet Spherical Catch Can- Silver

$317.49 CAD

Spulen SKU: 7234

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  • -10an inlet and outlet
  • Dual internal baffles
  • Easy open drain
  • Integrated mounting tab
  • Dip stick included

A catch can acts as a separation mechanism for pressurized air created inside of an engine’s crankcase. Typically this air exits the engine and is routed directly into the intake system and recycled. This conventional routing often leads to carbon build up on the engine’s valves and decreased engine performance. A catch can installs in your engine bay and captures the pressurized air as it exits the engine’s crankcase. Once the air enters the catch can, the oil vapors contained in the air are separated. The oil remains in the catch can and clean oil vapor free air is then routed into the intake system.

The Spulen Billet Catch Can is a true piece of art. Constructed from a solid block of billet aluminum each catch can is carefully machined to precise tolerances. The interior of the catch can features a dual chamber design and baffle plate to provide superior separation of air and oil vapors.

Attention to detail is a must, each catch can features dual built-in, -10an male fittings for easy plumbing in a variety of applications. A conveniently located dipstick allows you to easily check the level inside of the catch can. The bottom of the catch can features a built in mounting bracket with dual M6 mounting holes allowing an endless amount of mounting options. An easy open petcock fitting located on the bottom of the catch can allows you to easily empty the contents of the catch can. While a removable low profile bolt is located out of site and allows you to easily swivel the catch can or disassemble it for thorough cleaning.

This is a universal catch can and can suit a wide range of vehicles. Custom lines and/or mounting brackets may be required for your specific application. However, this catch can is a direct replacement if you have already purchased a Spulen Catch Can Kit.

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