Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose Solution

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The 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI engines found in Volkswagen and Audi’s new MQB platform have a complex series of coolant hoses. One of the coolant hoses in the system routes on top of the factory intake system creating an unsightly appearance. The Spulen MQB Intake Coolant Hose replaces this factory hose and allows it to be routed under your aftermarket intake system. The Spulen hose is constructed from 4-ply reinforced silicone and includes new stainless steel hose clamps. Installation can be completed in just a few minutes and DOES NOT require the coolant to be drained.
Routes under aftermarket intake
Compatible with various aftermarket intakes including the APR Intake System (part# CI100033)
4-ply silicone hose
Stainless steel hose clamps
Integrated factory style check valve