Wurktol General Pry Wedge Tool

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Wurktol General Pry Wedge Tool

Pry-Tools are designed for use in sensitive or soft applications, where scratching of the base material is unwanted.  Most commonly used to install interior LEDs or any interior paneling that needs to be removed. Prying, scraping, lifting and separating. This single tool is ideal for use on parts where maintaining a good appearance is important. Using a metal flathead to remove any paneling on your vehicle will certainly leave a small knick or damage of some sort on the panel's plastic. This tool can help you make various jobs easier, faster, and without the damage that metal tools can cause. It can be easily modified to suit your needs by cutting and/or sanding the tips. This Wuurktol general pry tool is essential to any DIYer. 
- Gentle Pry Tool Kit
- Removes body trim, switches, emblems without scratching
- Avoid nicks, scrapes, or gouges to surface material