South Bend | DXD Racing 1.8T Gen3 TSi Clutch & Flywheel Kit Stage 2 Daily

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South Bend Clutch SKU: K70688F-HD-O

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Ft-Lbs: 325

pleased to present South Bend / DXD clutches for your 1.8T Gen3 TSi. DXD clutches are developed and tested across many different friction products, pressure plate loads and flywheel designs with one goal in mind, to create clutch systems not only with perfect balance and symmetry but also to perfectly complement engine modifications without compromise in reliability, drivability or enjoyment.

The success of the development efforts has produced a performance clutch product line of the highest quality and performance available for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, DXD Racing clutches.

Each clutch system is specially matched to specific driving styles, uses and power levels to insure the needs of each client are accomplished. Often times, a compromise between drivability and pedal feel must be made to achieve power handling. If you are drag racing you will have different requirements for clutch operation than someone who wishes to participate in daily spirited driving or endurance racing. One clutch certainly does not fit all and we have done the homework for you to recommend a clutch system that meets your specific goals.

Each DXD Racing clutch is offered in either a Daily, Endurance or Drag configuration to accomplish the power handling you need.

NOTE: This clutch kit will only fit 1.8T Gen3 TSI engines from 2014-up

The Classes

The Daily configuration is focused around an OEM pedal feel and initial engagement characteristics. This is the clutch that won"t give you a significantly stronger left leg but will provide many thousands of miles of ease of use and operation with the ability to transfer different Stages of engine performance to the tires. The quick engagement of most aftermarket clutches or the "grab is greatly reduced and in most cases completely eliminated to allow for smooth clutch release and easy initial acceleration.

All stages come with DXD Racing single mass steel flywheel

Stage II Daily
This Heavy Duty Pressure Plate has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The Organic disc material has a high metal content that increases the co-efficient of friction by two times over a stock lining and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. This clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability. Recommended usage is daily, street and moderate race.

Flywheel Features
Flywheels manufactured by DXD are made from low carbon, hot rolled steel that is highly resistant to warping and perfectly suited for the friction materials mated to them. Single mount CNC machining guarantees precise tolerances and perfect balance exceeding O.E. specifications. Extensive field-testing has been done to determine the proper weight for each specific vehicle and to ensure smooth operation, safety and durability under extreme operating conditions. The steel flywheel with this kit weights 19 lbs.

Stage Intent Max Torque Flywheel Included Part Number
2 Daily 400 Yes - 19 lbs K70688F-HD-O
All DXD Racing clutches for the 1.8T Gen3 TSI include crank bolts and are SFI Approved.

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