BFI 20mm Wheel Spacers - 66.6 Centerbore - 5x112

$104.99 CAD


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These are high quality machined billet aluminum spacers that are both hubcentric and wheelcentric. Sold in pairs.

Here are some general recommendations for bolt lengths:
> 5mm spacers require 35mm long bolts
> 10mm spacers require 35mm or 40mm long bolts
> 15mm spacers require 40mm long bolts
> 20mm spacers require 50mm long bolts

Ultimately you are the one responsible for safely installing lugs and wheels on your vehicle.

The bolts for factory wheels are always Ball Seat and most all aftermarket wheels use Cone Seat.
All watercooled 4-lug cars use 12mm wheels bolts while watercooled 5-lug cars use 14mm wheel bolts.