Spulen 2.0T FSI Billet Spherical Catch Can Kit- Black

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  • Billet spherical catch can
  • -10an braided hoses
  • Includes multiple port boost tap
  • Eliminates engine blow-by and reduces carbon build up

Far from ordinary, the Spulen Spherical Catch Can installs adjacent to your coolant reservoir and provides a factory appearance. The purpose of a catch can is to capture oil vapors from your engine rather than allowing to be recirculated back into the engine. By capturing these oil vapors your engine will run more efficiently and avoid costly carbon build up on engine components.

The Spulen Billet Catch Can is a true piece of art. Constructed from a solid block of billet aluminum each catch can is carefully machined to precise tolerances. The interior of the catch can features a dual chamber design and baffle plate to provide superior separation of air and oil vapors.

Attention to detail is a must, each catch can features dual built-in, -10an male fittings for easy plumbing in a variety of applications. A conveniently located dipstick allows you to easily check the level inside of the catch can. The bottom of the catch can features a built in mounting bracket with dual M6 mounting holes allowing an endless amount of mounting options. An easy open petcock fitting located on the bottom of the catch can allows you to easily empty the contents of the catch can. While a removable low profile bolt is located out of site and allows you to easily swivel the catch can or disassemble it for thorough cleaning.

The Spulen Spherical Catch Can Kit features a billet CNC adapter plate with to replace the failure prone factory PCV valve. Teflon lined AN hoses connect the adapter plate to the spherical catch can. The catch can features an internal baffle and convenient drain valve for easy draining. A miniature oil dipstick is also positioned on the catch can so you know when the catch can needs to be drained. A multiple port boost tap is also included to cap off the open port on the intake manifold where the factory PCV valve connected.

Removes harmful oil vapors from intake system
Reduces carbon deposits, increasing performance and fuel economy
CNC adapter plate
-10an hoses
Spherical catch can
Multiple port boost tap
For vehicles without charcoal canister