Timing Belt Kit (Basic Plus) | B5 Passat | A4 | A6 2.8L 30v V6

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SKU: TB-B5-30v-V6-Basic-Plus Urotuning

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This kit includes everything needed to do a timing belt on any AHA/ATQ 2.8L 30v V6 engine found in 98-05 Passat and 97-01 Audi A4's.

Kit Includes:

- 078109119J, Timing Belt (Continental brand)
- 078109479E, T-Belt Tensioner Damper (Vaico or NTN brand)
- 078109244H, Timing Belt Relay Roller (URO or INA brand)
- 078109243S, Timing Belt Tensioner Roller (URO or NTN brand)
- OPTIONALLY Add 078121006 Metal Water Pump (Geba brand) - (see drop down above)


- Passat V6 from 98-05 with AHA/ATQ engine code
- Audi A4 V6 from 97-01 with AHA/ATQ engine code
- Audi A6 V6 from 98-01 with AHA/ATQ engine code