Ultimate Thermostat Housing Kit | Mk3 VR6

$119.99 CAD

SKU: ULT-Thermo-Kit-Mk3-VR6 Urotuning

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Everything you need to fix that annoying coolant leak at your thermostat housing and then some!Enginec
KIT Includes:
- Coolant Hose (Oil Cooler to Water Pipe), 021121058A - Rein Brand
- Thermostat (70C or 80C) w/Gasket, 075121113D 
- Thermostat Coolant Pipe Adaptor, 021121133D - Uro Brand
- Thermostat Housing Cover, 021121121A - Uro Brand
- Thermostat Housing w/Gasket, 021121117A - Uro Brand
- Long Water Pipe w/O-Rings, 021121050C - Uro Brand
- (3) Water Temp Sensor O-Rings, N90316802
- (3) Sensor C Clip Retainers, 032121142

FITS: All 12v VR6 from 1992-1999.