Ultimate Lower Suspension Rebuild Kit | Mk3 2.0L

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SKU: URO-0002 Urotuning

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Freshen up your suspension with this Lower suspension kit for any Mk3 2.0L 8v. It is HIGHLY recommended by Urotuning to change out these parts when doing an suspension install, failure to do may lead to looseness and spongy feeling steering even with your new stiff suspension kit installed. Make everything fresh and new and even better than from the factory with the R32 control arm bushings!

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Ball Joints with new hardware - 357407365
  • (2) R32/TT Style Front Back Control Arm Bushings - 8N0407181B
  • (2) Front Control Arm Bushings - 357407182
  • (2) Complete Tie rod Assembly with ends - 1H0422803MY/4MY (TRW) or 1H0422803BMY/4BMY (ZF)
  • (2) Power Steering Rack Boots - 1H0422831B (TRW) or 357422831B (ZF)

This product fits:


  • 1993-1999 Golf/Jetta 2.0L 8v

- - - IMPORTANT NOTE - - - The Mk3 model line has two types of steering racks. Most 2.0 cars have a TRW design. This rack is on the "base" suspension, and is seen by having a smooth painted finished. VR6 or "plus" suspension cars have a ZF design, these cars have an-all aluminum rack that has a "waffle grid" design. The tie rods for the two types of racks work the same way, but are not the same. Make sure to check your rack design before you order parts. There are a few cars out there (from swaps and so on) with mixed parts. - - - - - -