USP Motorsports Intake System w/ Heat Shield For Audi 3.0T/3.2L

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SKU: 2014 USP Motorsports

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After a lengthy R&D process USP Motorsports is pleased to announce our complete Intake System with heat shield for the Audi B8 platform. Our system is constructed completely out of aluminum. Don’t be fooled by other intakes on the market which are constructed out of mild steel. Aluminum is not only lighter than mild steel but offers superior heat dissipation which results in a cooler intake air temperature.

The factory intake system runs a 3" diameter pipe. The USP Motorsports system features a 3" to 3.5" to 4" piping design which is proven to increase air flow through a venturi effect. Air enters through the 4” diameter filter and increases exponentially in velocity as the piping transitions from 4” to 3.5” and finally to 3”, entering the throttle body. The system also includes an aluminum heat shield to protect intake air from engine bay heat. As a result your engine receives lower intake air temperatures.

Product Features:

- All aluminum construction

- 4" Filter

- 4" to 3 1/2" to 3" pipe for maximum air flow

- Heat Shield to protect intake air from engine heat

- Factory piping only reaches a maximum of 3"

- Powder Coated texturized black for an OEM look

- Made in the USA

*** Please note fitment on a Q5 3.0T is approximate. The airduct will not line up to the heat shield as well as it does on other applications.