USP Oil Pump Conversion For A4 2.0T FSI to 1.8T

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The balance shafts in the 2.0T FSI engine are prone to failure. Replacing them can cost upwards of $1800. The USP oil pump conversion will eliminate your factory balance shaft and oil pump assembly and replace it with the larger 1.8T oil pump. The 1.8T oil pump offers several benefits including less weight than the OEM FSI pump, eliminates the factory balance shafts, and increases the oil capacity of the motor. The factory oil pump/balance shaft assembly is bulky, by removing it and replacing it with the 1.8T pump the factory oil pan's capacity increases to about 6 quarts of oil.


- Oil Pump
- Oil pickup tube
- Oil pump chain
- Oil pump tensioner
- Oil pump bolts
- Oil pan baffle
- Crankshaft gear

Installation Instructions

Make Model Year Engine
Audi A4 B7 (05.5-2008) 2.0T FSI (FWD)
Audi A4 B7 (05.5-2008) 2.0T FSI (Quattro)