VW MK4 Golf/Jetta/Beetle 1.9TDI VP37 2000-2003 ECU Tune Stage 1 - 3

$400.00 CAD

Park Auto Motorsports

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  • Maximize performance safely

  • Improved fuel efficiency (around 20%)

  • Ignition timing precisely calibrated

  • Optimized response with smoother driving comfort

  • Speed governor removed and increased RPM limiter

  • Only pay the difference when upgrading


Flashing available via OBD port in house

In house dyno testing available as well please contact us to book!

Stage 1

Perfect way to make more power with no engine hardware required.


40HP & 70TQ

Required Hardware:

 No Modifications Needed


Stage 2

Add even more power to your engine with DPF and EGT deleted and properly coded with our software. 


55+HP & 85+TQ

Required Hardware: 

DPF Deleted

- EGR Deleted


Stage 3

Make the most out of your engine with a big turbo upgrade. 



Required Hardware: 

DPF Deleted

- EGR Deleted

- Big Turbo Upgrade