VW MK6 GTI 2.0TSI EA888 Gen 1 2010-2014 DSG Tune Stage 1 - Stage 2

$400.00 CAD

Park Auto Motorsports

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Already have a ECU tune and want your transmission to be optimized for the extra power? Our custom transmission tunes will have your transmission working perfectly with your more powerful engine!


  • Maximize performance safely

  • Increased responsiveness and drivability

  • Quicker and more optimized transmission shifting
  • Increased RPM limiter

  • Increased launch control RPM
  • Optimized driving in "Sport" mode
  • Automatic downshifting upon deceleration
  • Allows transmission to comunicate with engine easier and more precisely


Flashing available via OBD port in house

Stage 1


For use with stock or stage 1 - 1+ ECU tune.

Stage 2 

For use with stage 2 and up ECU tune.